Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 2013 School Board Election -- Benito Ortiz

Benito Ortiz          Ballot Line: A1

What motivates you to seek this office/another term in this office?
My commitment is to ensure that students receive a high-quality education, generating productive young adults who are focused on making positive contributions to our society.  Also as a current appointed Board of Education member, my goal is to continue the processes and completion of various curriculum programs/construction initiatives during my tenure.

What will be your top priorities as a School Board member/in a new term on the School Board? The New Brunswick Board of Education has always made school safety one of our top priorities; furthermore, we understand that a safe environment is one that is conducive to learning. Therefore, our students, teachers, and administrators can focus on education without distracting environmental factors that inhibit each party’s ability to perform at their best. Moreover, curricula are an integral component in preparing our students for their professional goals; therefore, we seek to provide innovative educational tools to enhance each student’s skill set.
How will you seek to foster parent involvement in New Brunswick Public Schools? In returning to the New Brunswick Board of Education, I will continue to encourage parent-based organizations, parent activities, and engagement in their students’ academic experience.  In addition, I believe we, as a community, need to provide innovative, multi-faceted approaches that appeal to the parents and families that reside around our community schools. 
How will you ensure that students who are immigrants themselves or whose parents are immigrants receive equal and high-quality educational opportunities? During my tenure as a Board member, I have witnessed (first-hand) the influx of immigrants into our public school system.  Over the years, we recognize a transient pattern; however, we as a public education system are obligated to provide an equitable academic experience that meets the needs of every student.  Our overarching goal is to prepare each and every New Brunswick Public School alumni for success.
How will you ensure that the School District supports struggling students who are in danger of falling through the cracks? As a Board member, my colleagues and I have established several initiatives that address students with challenges in particular subject areas.   We understand there is a need to continue to support successful programs, as well as collaborate with community stakeholders to enhance or establish additional efforts in and out of school that meet the intrinsic needs of our student population.
In addition to parents, how will you engage other stakeholders in the New Brunswick Public Schools, such as city residents, students, alumni, teachers, staff, and community institutions? As previously mentioned, we have partnered with several community based organizations, student organizations, and others in an effort to address the diverse needs of the student body and their families.  We will continue to support effective programs, while encouraging new ideas and approaches that address the evolving challenges that our students face in and out of the classroom.

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