Thursday, January 17, 2013

School Board Candidate Questionnaire - Ron Hush

RON HUSH seeking a 2-year term

What motivates you to seek this office? It has been my commitment to work with students and their families to ensure they are afforded a quality education and a safe environment to learn. I have volunteered many years, working with youth of all ages, returning knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained during my years of service. At the core of my efforts is the desire to prepare youth to face upcoming challenges to surpass previous generations on their journey to adulthood. I believe our children are the most important “Gem” of our existence in America, and as a gem is precious so are our children.

What will be your top priorities as a member of the School Board? As a member of the School Board, I will acclimate myself to the duties, policies, and procedures as mandated by the Department of Education and the New Brunswick Board of Education. Second, in my role as Board Member, my priority is to sustain a safe environment for New Brunswick students that are conducive to learning. Third, I will serve as an advocate for New Brunswick families and youth who seek to use a quality education as a platform to success. 
How will you seek to foster parent involvement? Parental involvement is an integral component to the success of our students, school district, and community.  Our current system fosters parent organizations/associations such as Parent-Teachers Association or Parent-Teacher Organization. I am aware of the challenges that parents face when they are unable to attend a meeting or an event.  I am committed to improving our parent participation by periodically attending these meetings; therefore, encouraging parents/families to attend. I will work with my fellow board members, Superintendent, and parent-focused groups to enhance our current system throughout the district.  Parent involvement is the foundation of a quality school district.

How will you ensure that students who are immigrants themselves or whose parents are immigrants receive equal and high-quality educational opportunities? My concern is not one specific group of students but that all students receive the same quality education. I understand that our students have various challenges that require specific attention; we presently have various curriculums/programs that address the needs of our students and their families. It is my intention to work with my Board of Education colleagues, the Superintendent, and Community based organizations to continue to develop culturally competent initiatives that support a quality academic experience. I believe when we work together, our families and children have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams for success.

How will you support all students, from the gifted to those in need of extra help? As previous mentioned, all New Brunswick Students have the right to quality education. It is paramount that we do not isolate a segment of the population; rather we provide a holistic approach that addresses each student’s unique capabilities. This will require the families, community, my board of education colleagues, and the Superintendent to identify the various talents/needs among our student body. Once identified, we as a community will work to nurture the talent, address the need, and support all our student success. These ingredients will support a quality education for our students that will prepare them for the future.

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